Petrol Performance Remapping

Petrol Performance RemapEach of our petrol performance ECU remaps are completely bespoke and tailored to our customers individual requirements. Whether you’re looking to remap your vehicle for a track day, fast road or even simply just more pulling power – We have invested heavily into the software, equipment and the most sophisticated technology to ensure we can deliver nothing less than breath-taking results.

With a petrol performance remap you can expect the following:

  • More Power
  • More Torque
  • Advanced Throttle Response
  • Smoother & More Responsive Power Delivery
  • Flat Spot Elimination
  • No Need To Downshift!
  • A Better Drive

If your vehicle is fitted with a turbocharger then this will be controlled through the ECU to deliver the correct level of boost depending on various factors including engine speed, throttle position, air/fuel ratio, atmospheric pressure and so on. At ECU Repairs we have the technical know-how to remap your vehicle and ensure that all the power and boost is delivered effectively right through the rev range.

To find out how much extra power you can unlock from your vehicle, give us a call today on 0208 853 5000.

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