ECU Testing, Decoding, Repair + Exchange

ECU Repairs was founded in 1972 as one of the first UK remanufacturing specialists repairing the very first ecu’s in the world.

We have since, adapted with technology to bring our most extensive services to both the trade and public customers. We are able to test, decode and remanufacture all ECU’s including:

  • ABS ECU’s
  • Air Bag ECU’s
  • Engine ECU’s
  • Dashboard / Comfort ECU’s
  • And more..

Please Note: We Give All Our Customers a full 12 Months Warranty.

We not only repair the ecu’s but also carry a large number of units in stock ready to swap and are constantly updating our stock lists to hold the more in demand ecu’s and offer our customers a wider range.

We have the latest in technology test rigs setup to extensively test all ecu’s as though they were plugged in to the vehicle. We test all ECU units for up to 24-48 hours so we’re able to verify every fault found and also catch out the intermittant faults and possibly any the customer was not even aware of.