Diesel Performance Remapping

Diesel Performance RemapWe have remapped over 100,000 ECU’s over the years and each of our customers have been completely blown away by the phenominal improvements gained from a professionally tuned ECU. The most significant gains are those from a turbo diesel engine ECU as there are more parameters to adapt and much better tolerance.

All of our Diesel ECU Remaps are completely bespoke and custom to each individual customers vehicles. This means that even after the remap, your vehicles identity will remain on the ECU and we can tailor the remap to suit your requirements.

You can expect the following benefits from tuning your diesel engine ECU:

  • Improved Power Output
  • Improved Torque
  • Sharper Throttle Response
  • Smoothed Out Flat Spots
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Better Engine Efficiency
  • Reduced Emissions
  • More MPG

A turbocharged diesel engine can put out up to 45% extra power right through the rev range and simultaneously reduce exhaust emissions and MPG. This kind of performance will completely transform the way your vehicle drives – but if you would prefer, we can taper the performance down to a level you would be comfortable with.

2 thoughts on “Diesel Performance Remapping

  1. hi there i have a
    astra H 1.9cdti Z19DTJ (so 16-valve but 120hp version)
    i was wondering how much it would charge for a stage 1 remap and also what sort of gains you think i could expect post remap?

    kind regards

  2. Hi Simon
    Thanks for contacting us!
    I have forwarded your inquiry to the right team. Expect an email response soon.

    ECU Repairs

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