Volvo ABS ECU Module – ABS Light On Dash?

Volvo ABS ECU Control Module Rebuild ServiceWhen the ABS light appears on the dash in your Volvo, 9/10 times dealers and garages will put it down to the ABS ECU Module being at fault.. this is because it’s a very common fault with these units.

We can successfully test and repair these units. Most garages would advise of buying a new unit, not being aware that there are companies out there who can repair these modules.

Be coming to us, you get a quality repair job to your ABS Control module and a full 12 months (1 Years) warranty, the same warranty you’d get from buying a new unit but at a fraction of the price.

So before you dig deep in your pockets, pick up the phone and give us a call on 0208 853 5000 today!

2 thoughts on “Volvo ABS ECU Module – ABS Light On Dash?

  1. Hello

    I have Jeep 2,8 crd 2006, and my ABS light is on the speedometer is not working and the motor meter also is not working, ASR is on and not working, my engineer asked me to get new ECU, what should i do, can you send me information and i will give you a call tomorrow

  2. Hello Evangelo

    Thanks for the enquiry,

    Do you have any diagnostic fault codes? It sounds like possibly a non-communication fault where the ABS ECU is not communicating with the instrument cluster and other modules. We can test & repair this fault for the Jeep and have sent you an email with further information.

    Kind Regards


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