Volkswagen (VW) Golf MK4 2.8 V6 204hp (Bosch: 0261 206 619 – OEM: 022 906 032 E) ECU Repaired

Bosch ME7.1 Engine ECU TestingA local customer dropped in with an ECU from a Volkswagen Golf MK4 2.8 V6 he was having problems with. The customer had sent the ECU away to be remapped and after receiving it back the vehicle would no longer start and so dropped it in to us for testing.

On initial test we were able to communicate with the ECU and all the drivers and everything seemed to be in tact. We saw there was no physical damage on the board but the unit did fail the immobiliser verification and flagged up a checksum error. We downloaded the map data from the ECU and found the checksum was in fact incorrectly coded but also the remap was very poor.

We notified our customer and recommended we load an original stock file to the ECU and then remap that professionally to fix both the poor remap and the checksum error problems. The customer collected the ECU once ready and advised us that the vehicle did start straight away. He told us the vehicle was much more responsive and his dyno printout showed an increase of 12hp + 15nm of torque.

This 2001 Volkswagen Golf Mk4 2.8 V6 is fitted with a Bosch ME7.1 Engine ECU and we’re able to fully test and repair this unit. We use all new genuine OEM components when rebuilding the ECU to ensure each and every rebuild PCM meets & exceeds OE specifications.

If you have a VW Golf with a faulty engine ECU or you’re not sure and want it tested by ECU Repairs then get in touch today. You can email us, drop in or call 0208 853 5000.

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