Top Technology and Accessories to Prevent Car Theft

At home and on the road, keep your car secure. We frequently make the mistaken assumption that our prized possession is secure against car theft. Since it has an integrated alarm, central locking, and an immobiliser. Wrong.

Every day, 307 automobiles are stolen in the UK.

Yes, it is astounding that one car is taken every five minutes. Over 100,000 cars are stolen each year, and the numbers are rising. Data on recorded car theft, just made public by the police, shows a 45% increase since 2014.

According to Direct Line Insurance research on the area with the highest risk of car theft. London is the biggest offender, with 33 claims for every 10,000 registered vehicles. However, compared to London’s numbers, which showed a 61% increase. Car theft rates in the West Midlands, the North West, the North East, and Yorkshire were all up by over 100%.

car theft

The culture of car theft is evolving

Although auto theft is on the rise, the motives behind the crimes are shifting.

In the past, joyrides dominated the popularity of car theft. This included stealing high-performance vehicles for fun and out of boredom.

However, the modern auto thief no longer uses a crowbar or screwdriver to pry open door locks and windows. They frequently have advanced specialities and spend a lot of money. On the technology needed to remove cars without causing damage. In a market where stolen vehicles are sold to dealers or sent abroad. It is essential to sell them back into the market under a fictitious name.

What can you do to prevent burglars from stealing your car?

Auto security equipment

There are low-tech and high-tech accessories you can use to increase the security of your car. Whether you are parking at home or performing your everyday driving chores, preventing car theft is still crucial.

A variety of automotive security systems, gadgets, locks, and accessories are available from motoring stores. All of which are intended to give you more protection and peace of mind. Accessories and technology to help keep your automobile secure: automobile theft deterrents

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A committed burglar will have the tools and techniques necessary to steal practically any vehicle. However, the more challenging you make it for them. The more likely it is that they will locate a car that they can take easily. Make things as challenging as you can for the usual auto thief. Here are a few extras that can tempt them to steal your neighbour’s automobile rather than yours:

Auto alarms

Even the most sophisticated and skilled auto thieves can silence practically any alarm, but it takes time. Your alarm’s main purpose is to alert people to theft or break-in. Hopefully, the thought of an alarm would drive your burglar to seek out a simpler victim.

Kill switches and immobilisers

Nowadays, the majority of cars are equipped with an in-built immobiliser. That prevents them from starting unless the right key is present.

You can reduce the risk that a criminal will steal your car by having the capacity to replace your key. Additional switches may be among them, increasing the number of steps necessary to start your car. A second kill switch could turn off your fuses, the fuel pump, the ignition coil. Or any other component that would otherwise allow the engine to start.

Locks on the gearstick or the steering

A strong, difficult-to-crack steering wheel lock will significantly slow down a thief. Even though it may look a touch retro in comparison to modern technology.

This serves as a visible barrier that can make the difference between criminals taking your automobile. Another option with fewer obstacles to jump over.

Rim locks

Although it may appear as though you have cranked yourself into your driveway. A wheel lock or parking boot can be a quick solution.

They can stop a burglar from taking your automobile just as easily. As they can stop someone who parked illegally from driving away from the scene of the crime.

Tyre inflators

Tire deflators are explicitly made to accomplish that. Tyre deflators must be removed before driving if you want to avoid having air released from your tyres. Which will make driving and controlling your automobile hazardous. If driven for too long, it will also harm the wheels, lowering the value. A thief can fetch for your vehicle.

Vehicle branding and window etching

For thieves, there are several issues with selling a stolen car. But disassembling it and selling the spare parts is a far less dangerous operation. Both DNA marking and having your windows engraved will serve as deterrents.

Applying a specially coded transparent lacquer to 50 different automotive parts is known as DNA marking. The components or pieces can then be identified under UV illumination, and their owner can be determined. If you use this technology to mark your automobile. Some insurers will even give you a discount on your auto insurance.

Parking lot security signs

The task is done in the simplest way imaginable if a burglar can’t drive your automobile past the end of your driveway.

That can be accomplished by setting up a security post. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to spend £20 on a manual. Key-operated security pole or £2k on an automated, remote-controlled alternative that rises out of the ground.

A keyless entry blocker

For drivers, keyless entry and engine start are tremendously easy, but for criminals, they’re virtually as convenient. A car thief may amp up the signal from your keyless fob with a straightforward signal booster. So they can start and access your car without it. You can get a bag or a pouch that stops this from happening for £5. Keeping the on-board diagnostic port secure

Defending what exactly? 

Modern vehicles are equipped with onboard diagnostic ports. Which mechanics can connect devices to analyse and resolve mechanical and electrical problems.

These are frequently used by auto thieves to programme blank keys, start your car, and bypass the immobiliser. You can spend a lot of money on a protector, tracker, and key-clone preventer. That is also a protector that prevents access.

CCTV and in-car surveillance

They will take great care not to be seen during or after the incident. Because no thief wants to be recognised after making off with a car. A further deterrent to a burglar snatching your car is the installation of CCTV.

The market today is flooded with cameras that support Wi-Fi. They can provide you access to view your car in real-time, frequently with automated floodlights. Another effective deterrent to keep your burglar at bay.

And if you have the misfortune to experience car theft…

According to the research, less than half of all stolen automobiles are found. By installing a vehicle tracker or a stolen vehicle monitoring device. You can dramatically increase your chances of getting your car back. A tracking system may already be included in modern automobiles as part of their onboard control system. If your vehicle doesn’t already have one, there are many systems that you can install and activate on your own.

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