Saab Bosch EDC16C39 Engine ECU Repairs

Bosch EDC16C39 ECU TestingType: Bosch Engine Management
Fits: Saab
Fuel: Diesel
Ref: ECUT150295

Note: This ECU may also fit other models.

It is a Bosch Engine ECU and we are able to fully test and rebuild these units.

Common part numbers associated with this type of unit

Bosch Number
OEM Number
55 566 420
12 Months
55 572 466
12 Months
028101356855 563 338£POA12 months
028101455355566422£POA12 months
028101521055 568 632£POA12 months

Additional Services For This ECU Type:
Diesel Performance Remap Diesel Economy Remap DPF Delete EGR Delete Speed Limiter Adjustment

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