Mercedes Sprinter Diesel (Bosch: 0281 011 746) Engine ECU Repaired

Bosch EDC15C6 ECU TestingThe customer sent this ECU in for repair after the vehicle broke down and failed to re-start. After diagnoses they found that there was a bad burning smell coming from the ECU and suspected that the unit had burnt out.

On testing the unit we failed to get communication as the unit was severely water damaged. We had to replace the PCB and many components and also do a code-swap, so effectively a new replacement unit was built for this customer.

The unit has been tested and is now fully working. This is a Bosch EDC15C6 ECU and we are able to fully test & repair these units. If you have a faulty Mercedes Sprinter Engine ECU you would like us to Test & Repair, you can email us, drop in or call us today on 0208 853 5000.

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