How to Change Car Windscreen Wipers

There are a few things you can take care of on your own when it comes to automobile maintenance. With the help of in-depth video tutorials and blogs, the DIY world of the internet has made it simple and available to do a variety of chores. By describing how to change windscreen wipers, we are trying to accomplish a similar goal in this post.

Visibility is the most vital factor while operating a vehicle since it significantly affects the safety of the driver, the passengers, and other road users. In order to provide us with a clear and spotless picture of the outside, windscreen wipers are in charge of clearing the dirt, rain, snow, and stains from the windscreen. Each windscreen wiper has a certain lifespan, therefore we must replace them frequently to prevent any interference with visibility. Let’s first have a look at why you need to replace your windscreen wipers before we go on to the how-to. 

Windscreen Wipers

Why do I need to change my windscreen wipers?

The driver needs a clear vision of what is going on in front of and behind them on the road in order to enjoy a smooth, accident-free journey. It is the single most important component in operating a vehicle. Moreover, you must pass a MOT (for vehicles older than three years) to keep your vehicle in drivable condition. Your windscreen wipers’ functionality and state are also examined by a MOT inspector, which might lead to a failed test. 

People who live in areas where it frequently rains or snows must rely on their car’s windscreen wipers to get through the drive. The effectiveness of wiper blades is crucial, especially in the UK where it is estimated that it will rain for 131 days out of every 365. In some regions of the nation, this number may even be greater. 

Dust, rust, UV radiation damage, airborne debris, and moisture can all cause the rubber and blades to work less effectively. This ultimately causes water and dirt to smear together and block the driver’s view. 

Even if you stay in a place without a rainy climate, the wiper blade gets worn out over time with exposure to sunlight, cold temperature, etc. You should look to replace them every 12 months or so, either by yourself or with the help of a car servicing centre. 

How will I know when the wiper blades need to be changed?

There are several indications that your windscreen wipers are deteriorating. The most noticeable one is the decline in their effectiveness. Which results in streaks of water and debris on the glass. As they move from one end to the other. They could also be producing a horrifying squeaking sound or a shuddering sensation. 

By running your fingertips along the length of the windscreen wiper and feeling for any rips or tears. You can also examine their condition. Be careful to take attention to the rear wiper blade as well.

How to Change Car Windscreen Wiper?

Step 1: Picking the right replacement blades

Windshield The wiper arm that extends from the base of the windscreen. The metal or plastic blade linked to the lower arm, and the rubber blade that cleans the windscreen make up the three main components of a wiper. 

To ensure a precise fit, it’s crucial to match the size of the new blades to the original. The length of the old rubber blades may be measured using a measuring tape or a ruler. Then you may go to any vehicle store and purchase the exact same size. Many motorists must purchase tyres of the same size for both sides. One side is frequently an inch or two shorter or longer than the other. 

Step 2: Cleaning it!

Clean your windscreen well before installing the new windscreen wipers to get rid of any accumulated dirt, dust or other particles. That might interfere with the operation of the new blades. 

Step three: Protect the glass

Protecting the glass is the third step in learning how to change a windscreen wiper. This is a very little yet crucial step to avoid any accident or disaster that can result in additional costs. The wiper’s spring-loaded mechanism allows it to snap back once the blades are removed, which might break the windscreen.  Simply lay a towel or other sponge cloth on the glass beneath the blade to prevent this accident. If in case, the arm does snap back, it will be protected by the towel. 

Step 4: Lift your Blades

Lift the windscreen wipers one at a time after placing the protective cloth in position. You must search for the clip or other securing device holding the blade. The wipers may occasionally need to be in a specific position before operating. You may look this up in your car’s handbook or just ask your technician for it. 

Step 5: Take the Blades Off

The old blades must be unclipped and fresh ones must be clipped in their place. It may be removed in a variety of ways, such by using a clip or a hook that is attached to an arm. Remember that the windscreen wipers may be working differently than what is mentioned here, and you should take a look at the instruction leaflet. 

Step 6: Putting the new blades in

Attaching the new blades requires using the same procedure you used to remove the old ones. It could be possible to insert the blade using a different method, so try not to force it. It is also advised to check the rubber for any plastic coating. It’s critical to gauge the wiper blades’ size precisely while learning how to replace windscreen wipers because the measurements on each side vary.  Additionally, make sure you look through the packaging for any extra clips that might be required to hold the windscreen wiper in place. 

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Step 7: Placing it back

It’s time to put them back on the windscreen now that the replacement is complete. Put the replacement wiper blades in place after removing the covering cloth. Make sure there are no gaps; if they are installed properly, they should sit on the glass without any issues. 

Step 8: Put them to the test

After you have double-checked the positioning of the blades, try out your windscreen wiper. The water should be easily removed by the new blades. Before attempting again, try setting them properly if you experience any noise or judder. The article on how to replace windscreen wipers now comes to a close. I hope you found this to be useful. 

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