Ford KA ABS ECU ATE Module Common Failures

ford-ka-abs-ate-ecu-module-repairs-replacementEvery week we get calls from anxious customers looking for a more affordable option to replacing their ABS ECU modules and most commonly it’s the Ford KA using the ATE ABS ECU Module. ATE is the name of the manufacturer which produce the ABS ECU’s but there are other manufacturers out there too.

It is a very common fault for the ABS ECU on a FORD KA to stop working or even work intermittently. Some of the most common faults related to the ABS ECU faults are listed below:

  • ABS light appears on dash
  • Speedo stops working
  • Speed senser communication failure

If your vehicle suffers from an ABS failure of any of the above mentioned or any other symptoms.. we can help. We can repair or in some cases exchange your unit for a reconditioned unit, saving you a fortune. You won’t need to have it programmed or anything, if we repair/exchange your unit, you will be able to plug it straight back in and have it working instantly!

So even if other garages and main dealers convince you that it’s not repairable and suggest you buy a new unit, give it to the experts and let us save you money!

6 thoughts on “Ford KA ABS ECU ATE Module Common Failures

  1. I have a 2006 Ford Ka which has an ABS light on and the speedo does not work. My scanner (Snapon Verdict) wont communicate with the ABS system. Is this the how a faulty ABS ECU presents itself?

  2. Hello John

    Thanks for the enquiry,

    Yeah, if you’re getting no comms via the diagnostic port then just check to make sure you can still communicate with the other modules i.e. Engine ECU and BSI module. If you can communicate with other modules then this rules out the diagnostic port and your scanner being the fault. Then you need to confirm you’ve got voltage going TO the ABS pump and that all the fuses/relays for the ABS are Okay. Also a wiring continuity check for the ABS module to make sure there are no breaks in the wire which could cause loss of signal.

    If all checks out okay then you’ve got a definite ABS module fault on your hands.. it’s a very common fault and we’re able to fully remanufacture these now with a Lifetime warranty. For pricing, please call us on 0208 853 5000.

    Kind Regards


  3. Where are you located? I have the three problems you have written in the top, but I’m living i Denmark? Can you still help me?

  4. Hello Nikolaj

    Thank you for your enquiry,

    We are receiving ECU’s for repair from customers all over the world. We often receive ECU’s from Denmark and have no problem helping you. If you can send us an email with your vehicle details and the part number from your unit I will be happy to give you a quotation to repair the part for you. Also, all of our ABS repairs now come with a Lifetime warranty.

    Kind Regards


  5. Hey Jayne!
    Thanks for reaching out.
    Your enquiry has been forwarded to the relevant department & they will contact you soon via email.

    ECU Repairs

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