BMW X3 2.0D Diesel (Bosch: 0281 013 501) ECU Fixed

Bosch EDC16C35 Engine ECU RepairsCustomer advised that the vehicle is not revving and although the car starts, he is unable to drive it. After diagnostics, they suspected an ECU fault and sent it to us for testing and repairs.

We have purpose built simulation test rigs to independently test ECU’s and simulate the full functionality of ECU’s as if the unit was fitted and running on the vehicle.

We tested this ECU and found that the ECU was only giving 0.6volts to the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) when it should be sending 5volts. We also found that the Ambient Pressure Sensor was sending 1013 bar pressure through the ECU but the ECU was recording only 800 bar pressure.

We re-worked the board and repaired the ECU (replacing faulty components for new genuine parts). The ECU then passed a 2nd time on our ECU Testing rig and was sent back to the customer fully working with 12 months warranty.

This Diesel BMW X3 2.0D is fitted with a Bosch EDC16C35 Engine ECU. If you have a BMW with a suspected ECU fault, find out how we can help you today. You can email us, drop in or simply call on 0208 853 5000.

2 thoughts on “BMW X3 2.0D Diesel (Bosch: 0281 013 501) ECU Fixed

  1. Hi we have a BMW Z4 in with us with ambient pressure sensor fault, Would you be able to replace ambient pressure sensor in ECU (reg number is bg64lxx) Part number of ECU 863172701

  2. Hey Andy!
    Thanks for reaching out.
    Our sales department will be getting in touch with you soon regarding your enquiry.

    ECU Repairs

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