Spring Cleaning Your Car? 8 Quick & Easy Recommendations

With the weather continuing to improve, many motorists may find themselves with the extra time and sunny weather they need to thoroughly spring clean their car. Deep cleaning your car not only makes it appear great, but it may also save you money on future maintenance costs. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of eight simple measures for spring cleaning your car for the warmer months. 

spring cleaning your car

1. Get rid of all clutter

Before you begin a comprehensive cleanup of your vehicle, you should remove all of the extraneous junk that you don’t need in it. This might include garbage and other debris, toys if you have children, and any other objects gathered during the winter months. Use a black bin bag to gather all of the trash and return any objects that should be in the home to their rightful places so you can properly begin spring cleaning your car. 

2. Begin with a thorough cleaning

Following that, you need to thoroughly clean your vehicle. 

  • This includes vacuuming the floors and seats, washing the dashboard and door panels, and cleaning the interior and exterior glass. 
  • Wash the outside of your car using a high-quality auto shampoo, carefully removing any dirt and grime. 
  • A clay bar can also be used to remove any embedded impurities that ordinary washing would not remove.

3. Vacuum the upholstery 

If you have fabric seats, now is the time to thoroughly clean them so you can enjoy them for the remainder of the spring and summer. You may use a commercial upholstery cleaner or create your own by combining equal parts water and vinegar. Scrub the seats with a soft-bristled brush before sucking up the wetness with a wet and dry vacuum. To remove dirt or stains from leather seats, use a leather cleaner. 

4. Do not overlook the carpets and floor mats

The carpets in your car can get as filthy as the seats, especially if you live in a location where there is a lot of snow, ice, and hence salt on the roads. Remove any stains or ground-in dirt using a carpet cleaner, then remove the moisture with a wet and dry vacuum. Make sure you clean your floor mats as well. Baking soda is particularly useful for floor mats since it acts as an aroma neutralizer. However, do not put your floor mats in the washing machine because the rubber backing on the carpet will be damaged. 

5. Vacuum the air vents 

The air vents in your automobile can become blocked with dust and grime over time. As a result, the efficacy of your air conditioning and heating systems may be reduced, requiring you to seek costly servicing sooner than intended. Clean the vents gently with a soft-bristled brush, then blast out any residual dirt with compressed air. Repeat until no residues remain. 

6. Polish the headlights 

spring cleaning your car

If your headlights get foggy or yellowed, they will not only be less bright, but you may be fined for neglecting to keep them clear.  To touch up your headlights, purchase a headlight polishing kit or prepare your own combination using toothpaste and bicarbonate of soda.  Apply a tiny quantity of the mixture to the headlight, then clean the surface with a toothbrush in circular movements.  After rinsing off the toothpaste, polish the headlight with a dry towel. 

7. Protect the paint 

After washing your automobile, it’s critical to maintain the paint to minimize damage and, consequently, more undesirable maintenance expenditures. To build a barrier between your car’s paint and the weather, use a high-quality wax or sealer. This will help prevent UV rays, acid rain, and other environmental variables from causing damage to the paintwork, which might lead to costly touch-ups in the future. 

8. Examine your tyre pressure and engine fluid levels

Finally, now that the exterior of your automobile is looking excellent, why not check under the hood for safety?  Open the hood and check the levels of your engine coolant, screenwash, engine oil, and braking fluid.  Replace any depleted fluids to ensure you’re completely prepared for any long-distance journeys you may have planned in the future. 

Finally, ensure your tyres have enough air inside – you can easily do this at most gas stations. This is all for today, and we hope the next time you think of spring cleaning your car.. Our spring cleaning recommendations make your cleaning a lot easier and shinier!

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