LDV Maxus Van (Bosch: 0281 013 348) Engine ECU Repaired

LDV Maxus VanThe customer suspects ECU damage after he accidentally connected the battery terminals the wrong way around. The engine does not crank and the vehicle does not start, so he sent the ECU in for testing.

Our ECU Testing confirmed that the engine ECU had been damaged (Spiked) due to the battery terminals being fitted the wrong way around. We were able to fully rebuild the unit, and it passed on our testing rig.

The LDV Maxus was fitted with a Bosch EDC16C39 Engine ECU. If you have an LDV with an ECU fault then get in contact today. You can email us, drop in or call on 0208 853 5000.

6 thoughts on “LDV Maxus Van (Bosch: 0281 013 348) Engine ECU Repaired

  1. hallo,
    I have a ldv maxus with a ECU damage (Bosch 0281013348)
    Can You repair it and what does it cost
    incl. tranport back to Germany

    Jörg Anders

  2. Hello Jörg

    Thanks for the enquiry,

    Yes we can fully Test + Repair this LDV Maxus ECU for you. I have emailed you a full quotation with information about our testing + repair services. If you have any further queries, please do come back to me.

    Kind Regards


  3. Just had engine changed in my 56 reg maxus 95ps I get ignition but won’t turn over is this ecu problem and how much to resolve

  4. Hello Mick,

    Thanks for the enquiry and many apologies for the delay in our reponse.

    We’ve sent you an email for further information to repair this fault with your ECU.

    Kind Regards


  5. Please can you give me a price etc. for a LDV Maxus minibus with possible ECU or Immobiliser fault. vehicle was parked up in -10 in December, tried to start the vehicle and it wont crank over.
    Any advice is appreciated

    Kind Thanks

  6. Hello Fiona!
    Thanks for contacting us!
    I’ve forwarded your enquiry to the concerned department & they will reach out to you via email.

    ECU Repairs

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