Bosch DME ML 2.2 Engine ECU Repairs

Bosch DME ML2.2 Engine ECU RepairsType: Bosch Engine Management
Fits: BMW 525e
Engines: E25 2.7

Note: This ECU may also fit other models.

It is a Bosch DME ML 2.2 ECU and we are able to fully test and rebuild these units.

Common part numbers associated with this type of unit

Bosch NumberOEM NumberPriceWarranty
0261 200 042£POA12 months

We are able to fully test and rebuild these ECU’s with a 12 months warranty and all within a fraction of the price of a new unit. Our typical turnaround time for this type of ECU is just 3-5 working days. If you’re unit is found to be faulty and cannot be repaired, we may be able to offer a replacement unit and code it to your vehicle – making it fully plug & play.

2 thoughts on “Bosch DME ML 2.2 Engine ECU Repairs

  1. Bosch DME ML 2.2 Engine ECU 0261200042 could you please give me the basics of cost to test and repair if required of above unit.

  2. Hello Brian

    Thank you for your enquiry,

    We’ve seen plenty of these ECU’s and have all the components in stock to successfully repair these. We’ve sent you an email with pricing and further information.

    Kind Regards


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