May 20

Ford Fiesta 1.25 Petrol (Siemens: 6S6112A650FD) Engine ECU Repair

Siemens SIM210 ECU Problems

Siemens SIM210 ECU ProblemsThe customer left his vehicle standing for 2 months and when he went to jump start it, it did not start. The customer had a local garage diagnose the fault as a faulty ECM and the engine does not crank at all, so the customer sent the unit in for testing and repairs. Read more...

May 19

Mercedes-Benz W202 C200 (Bosch: 0261 200 614) Engine ECU Repair

Mercedes Bosch Missfire Repair

Mercedes Bosch Missfire RepairCustomer sent the PMS unit in with the common fault (missfire on 2 cylinders). We were able to simulate the fault on our testing rig and successfully repaired it. Note that these ECU’s are sealed and we have the required equipment and specialist experience to competently Test + Repair these units. Read more...

May 19

Mercedes-Benz ML430 (Bosch: 0261 206 303) Engine ECU Repair

Bosch ME2.0 ECU Testing

Bosch ME2.0 ECU TestingCustomer sent the ECU to us after he went to a local tuning company to have the vehicle remapped. The ECU could not be remapped so they attempted to remove the ECU and fit an upgraded ‘superchip’ to increase the performance of the vehicle. Since having this work done, the vehicle does not start and they suspect the ECU is damaged. Read more...

May 19

Fiat Doblo 1.9JTD Diesel (Bosch: 0281 012 865) Engine ECU Repair

Bosch EDC16C39 ECU Testing

Bosch EDC16C39 ECU TestingThe customer says the fault with this ECU is that the vehicle would start and run but cut out after 30 seconds. A local dealership ran some diagnostics and suspect that the ECU is causing the problem. The customer has sent the ECU away but it came back as a non-repairable unit and so has decided to send to us for a second opinion. Read more...

May 19

Mercedes Sprinter Diesel (Bosch: 0281 011 746) Engine ECU Repaired

Bosch EDC15C6 ECU Testing

Bosch EDC15C6 ECU TestingThe customer sent this ECU in for repair after the vehicle broke down and failed to re-start. After diagnoses they found that there was a bad burning smell coming from the ECU and suspected that the unit had burnt out. Read more...