Audi A2 ABS Pump & Electronic Control Module ECU

Audi A2 ABS Pump & Control Module Stripped & RebuiltThese units amongst others are becomming more and more popular to us, we have stripped and rebuilt hundreds of these units this year all with similar faults whereby the ABS light on the dashboard stays on. This fault is due to a communication failure with the ABS ECU (control unit) which is built in to the ABS pump. If there is no communication failure, then it will be because the wheel speed sensor reading is failing – again, this is a fault within the control unit.

We are able to fully test, strip and rebuild these units replacing all parts with GENUINE OE parts and offer all our clients a full 12 months warranty. We also carry these control modules in stock so if yours is faulty and you don’t want to wait around then give us a call today with your part numbers to see if we can match one up for you.

Audi A2 ABS electronic Pump Control ModuleDoes it need reprogramming once repaired? – No, other companies you send it to may remove the code which would mean you’d have to recode it again but we are able to test/repair these units without having to remove any code from them so when you get it back you just plug it back on to your vehicle and it’s ready to use!

We’re able to offer our rebuild services for all types of ABS pumps and control modules. Not all units will have the same faults, some are water damaged and some have been damaged in accident – when we can’t rebuild your own unit and have no exchange unit in stock then we can try to source replacements for you as well.

We guarantee all our parts for a full 12 months – the same type of warranty you’d get for buying direct from a dealer at only a fraction of the price. Also, remember a new unit will need re-programming which is extra cost .. if we rebuild your own unit you save double the money because it will be “Plug ‘N Play” requiring no repgramming at all!

4 thoughts on “Audi A2 ABS Pump & Electronic Control Module ECU

  1. hi there how much roughly to recondition?

    my lights have been coming on and a VAG reader says its this module

  2. Hello Ian

    Thanks for the enquiry,

    We have sent you an email with full pricing and information.

    Kind Regards


  3. Hello

    could you send me prices for reconditioning one of these units please


  4. Hi James

    Thanks for the enquiry,

    We have sent you an email with pricing and information.

    Kind Regards


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