How to Transfer a Number Plate from One Car to Another?

Owners of cars usually have a bond with their prized vehicles, sometimes stronger than you may think. A loving automobile owner treats their vehicle like a kid, caring for all of the complex parts, the seat cover, and the paint. This is not being overstated at all!

Transfer a Number Plate

Every automobile owner’s number plate is another feature that is incredibly private and intimate. A number plate soon becomes the personality of the automobile, whether you customise it to match a certain period or have one with fewer numbers and figures. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to demonstrate your devotion to the vehicle. Even if there are several brands and models, only your car may have a particular number plate.

It’s also interesting to observe that a lot of owners don’t know how to keep or move the licence plate from one car to another. We are here to make things simpler for you if you have a unique licence plate and don’t want to let it go. In this post, we’ll describe how to transfer a licence plate in its entirety, including with the requirements and checklist you’ll need to do it.

Let’s get going!

Vehicle Eligibility to transfer a number plate 

It is crucial to understand whether your car satisfies the eligibility requirements set out by the UK government before we begin the complete transfer procedure.

The enumerated conditions must be satisfied in order to transfer a number plate:

  • The DVLA should receive the vehicle’s registration in the UK.
  • Must be in a roadworthy state, which means it must be able to generate an HGV or MOT certificate.
  • Have a SORN or tax evidence valid for the previous five years with no breaks.

Is currently subject to taxes or does a SORN already exist?

You must fulfil these requirements in order to be eligible to apply to transfer a number plate. But there are also several things you should never do while thinking to transfer a number plates. Let’s look at some of the reasons why your application can be denied IF:

  • You transfer a number plate that starts with “Q” or “NIQ.”
  • You change a private licence plate on a car with the registration “Q.”
  • Your car has a non-transferable registration mark, it will be listed in the V5 logbook’s special remarks section.
  • The questionable number plate makes the car appear to be newer than it actually is, for example, by adding a “06” plate to a 2002 car.

You are aware of what you require and what you should avoid when it comes to applications for tranfer number plate. Let’s proceed and examine the application procedure.

How can a number plate be moved from one vehicle to another? 

Like with tax and license-related activities, the DVLA is in charge of overseeing the vehicle transfer procedure. To begin the transfer application process, you must complete a form, namely the V317 form, as with any other procedure.

Transfer a Number Plate

The form can be used to retain the registration for the number plate. With a retention document or transfer a number plate from an old automobile to a new one. Any number plate’s registration may be kept for ten years, during which time. It may be attached to any future new vehicle you purchase.

Simple information on the form is the registration, make, model, and VIN of the vehicle. You wish to have the licence plate removed off. The information about the automobile you wish to transfer the number plate to is also listed in a column. Additionally, you will want the V5C paperwork for each of the affected automobiles. In addition, you must enter your contact information in case there are any problems with the transfer.

There is a paper version of the form as well as an online version that may be completed. The government asked individuals to think about applying online. Which also has the same amount of processing time as the paper form of it. In light of the present social distancing policy and the pandemic worry. Since it would be difficult to complete the transfer process to a car the DVLA. It has no record of, the vehicle you’re planning to transfer the previous number plate onto must already exist.

The other requirements for eligibility have previously been mentioned above. Remember that the year-specific licence plates cannot be used on a vehicle from a previous year. Since doing so may mislead some people and is a common way for auto sellers to defraud their consumers. You don’t necessary have to be the owner of the car you wish to move the number plate onto. Just a brief note before we get to the actual procedure.

Maintaining Registration – The entire procedure

You may always choose to keep a number plate that can be used on a new automobile. When necessary if you don’t already have a new car that you can transfer a number plate to.

The form is still required, but a new section that requests information. On the person keeping the registration must be filled out. The retention paperwork will be given to the vehicle’s registered keeper if you omit this section of the form. You would still need to complete the form identical to the transfer request form with your information. The registration, make, model, and VIN.

When you’re prepared, you must complete DVLA form V778 in order to transfer the registration to a new vehicle. Remember that in order for your application to be approved, you must submit the £80 transferring & retaining charge for the registration.

The car that had its registration deleted will get a new V5C registration as soon as the procedure is finished. If it had a prior registration, this may be that, or it might be a plate with an age-related designation.

Things to remember

The obvious one is registering the new car before requesting to transfer a number plate. 

If you plan to keep the vehicle, be careful to apply for the procedure. As well as have it authorised before selling the car. You are no longer able to keep it after a sale. In another instance, you will forfeit your entitlement to the number plate. If you don’t take it off before reporting the car’s destruction to the DVLA. In regards to other commonly asked topics, you are qualified. If your car is stolen, apply for maintaining the car plate. However, you cannot commence the V778 form or transfer the licence plate. To a new vehicle until six months have passed after the stolen date or after the vehicle has been found.

If you’re eager to acquire a personalised licence plate. Be sure you are adhering to the qualifying requirements and general restrictions set forth by the government. Use conventional fonts, provide space between letters and numbers, and steer clear of any unclear or hard-to-understand formatting. Although it may seem apparent, these little issues might result in your application being denied. As well as the loss of your prized licence plate. Last but not least, make sure to let your insurance provider know if the licence plate changes.


How can I move my licence plate to another vehicle?

The V317 form, which is required to begin the transfer application, must be filled out. The same form may be used to hold the registration. In the event that you don’t have a car to transfer the plate to.

How long does it take to keep or transfer a licence plate?

The average application procedure takes two weeks to complete. If the DVLA chooses to check the cars, it can take longer. You might anticipate a somewhat longer duration during the hazy epidemic periods.

What is the price of a number plate transfer?

To begin the process of transferring or keeping the number plate, the DVLA charges a transfer fee of £80. This concludes our discussion of how to move a licence plate from one vehicle to another. I hope it clarified and made things easier for you. Keep an eye on our blogs for additional educational posts.

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