BMW Siemens MSV70 Engine ECU Repairs

Siemens MSV70 ECU Repairs

Type: Siemens VDO Engine Management
Fits: BMW
Fuel: Petrol
Ref: AIC379325

Note: This ECU may also fit other models.

It is a Siemens VDO Engine ECU and we are able to fully test and rebuild these units.

Common part numbers associated with this type of unit

Siemens NumberOEM NumberPriceWarranty
5WK90071DME 7 546 990£POA12 Months
5WK90074DME 7 551 665£POA12 Months
5WK90075DME 7 552 393£POA12 Months
5WK90077DME 7 553 166£POA12 Months
5WK90078DME 7 555 361£POA12 Months
5WK900979DME 7 555 733£POA12 Months
5WK98081DME 7 559 178£POA12 Months
5WK98084DME 7 561 684£POA12 Months
5WK98085DME 7 567 178£POA12 Months
5WK98086DME 7 571 510£POA12 Months
5WK98087DME 7 577 968£POA12 Months

Common Faults
No Spark
No Communication
Water Ingress

2 thoughts on “BMW Siemens MSV70 Engine ECU Repairs

  1. My ecu has a broken pin and meed yo know uf it repairable?? Bmw 3 series 325i 2006, if non repairable , whats price on replacement unit with my cars details coded on it!!

  2. Hey Adrian!
    Thanks for reaching out.
    Your enquiry has been forwarded to the relevant department & they will contact you soon via email.

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