A Practical Guide to Car Sunroof Installation & Upkeep

One can begin the planning process once they have determined which style of car sunroof works best for their vehicle and is practical. It should be noted that since installing a sunroof in a car necessitates making structural alterations, one should seek advice from a specialist and let them handle the problem.

car sunroof

How to Set Up a Car Sunroof

Here are the methods for installing a sunroof on a car, though, if one is up for the job and feels more adventurous:

  1. Determine the flat portion of the car roof and begin marking it to make sure it does not run into the curve.
  2. Look up the dimensions of the numerous glass alternatives that are offered online. To prevent unevenness, make sure the mirror is one inch smaller than the fitting.
  3. To assure compatibility, choose a kit that has the motor, seals, and everything else included.
  4. To protect the colour of the roof, apply masking tape, and stay away from any other outside items.
  5. Use the template that was provided when you bought the sunroof or get one from the supplier’s website.
  6. To cut the template area, use a razor carefully to prevent damaging the paint.
  7. Only perform this step if you are meticulously covering the entire object before drilling the holes on the four sides.
  8. Cut the interior roof upholstery with the included probing knife and remove the material.
  9. To cut the headlining hole and create the right cut, use a craft knife. The headlining can be changed if necessary.
  10. To prevent creating more severe damage, increase the drill size holes following the nibbler tool.
  11. Remove the masking tape and begin to file down any sharp edges, cutting with the nibbler tool while maintaining a straight line and avoiding deviating from the traced route.
  12. To stop any metallic edges from rusting, prime them with primer.
  13. Place the mirror thereafter applying the weather sealing.
  14. Make sure the two screws are inserted into the actual roof.
  15. If it is not electronic, the wiring holds the front hinges and the back lock in place.
  16. The fuse box must be in the back seat, and wiring for electronics must be routed into the A-pillar.
  17. The mirror should then be attached to the latch inside the car after being placed on the roof from the outside using glue. The pop-out sunroof may now be opened, allowing you to take in the view from inside your car.

How To Keep A Sunroof Clean 

Half the battle is won once the sunroof is installed. A sunroof needs a lot of care, consideration, and maintenance over time, as was already said. The good news is that maintaining a car sunroof is not too difficult and is rather simple.

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To eliminate debris, dust, and grime, routinely wipe the sunroof glass using a mild automotive glass cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth. Pay attention to the seal and tracks on the sunroof. To clear away any dirt preventing a tight seal and smooth functioning, use a clean cloth.

Sunroof cleaning

Cleaning a sunroof is straightforward:

  • Purchase a soft cotton sponge and an outside glass cleaner.
  • To make sure it is thoroughly cleaned, dust the sunroof with a dry cloth. To remove the dust from every crevice, one can also employ vacuum-based solutions.
  • To achieve a deeper cleaning, use the glass cleaner and sponge thereafter.
  • Ammonia and vinegar-based solutions should not be used, as they can harm the mirror itself.
  • To prevent dust from entering the mirror, wipe the seals.

Putting The Roof Drains In Focus:

There are typically four drains—two in the front and two in the back—that collect water and dust in sunroofs. If you are having trouble finding the car, personally search for it and give the drain a thorough rinse.

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To be certain that any obstruction is eliminated, one can even blow compressed air. Regularly perform the maintenance tasks to prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque.

Don’t forget to lubricate the moving parts:

Use the sunroof sparingly because its continual movement causes the movable parts to deteriorate more quickly. The secret to extending the life of the sunroof and ensuring that the pace of operation stays consistent is lubrication.

Apply a weatherproof, non-sticky grease to prevent grease buildup inside the mechanical parts. One of the most frequent requests from automobile owners is to fix a leaky sunroof, which may be a serious issue, especially when it rains. Most often, the drain tube or seal is jammed when a car sunroof leaks. The aforementioned methods can be used to clean the drain tube or to purchase and attach a new seal.

Replacement of a car’s sunroof

Throughout the equipment’s lifespan, the sunroof typically has to be replaced because of regular wear and tear. It’s typically advised to purchase a replacement sunroof track if the original one breaks.

Look for specialists who can guide you through vehicle sunroof replacement and have perfected the art of car sunroof repair at a fair price.


What Is The Price To Install A Sunroof On A Car?

The installation fee ranges from 650 to 3000 pounds in the UK. The type of sunroof fitted and the extent of the installation work determine the ultimate cost. Pop-up sunroofs are relatively inexpensive, whereas panoramic ones are more expensive.

Can the glass on the sunroof be replaced?

Yes, you can replace the glass in a sunroof with the help of an expert, such as an auto glass technician. To purchase a new glass, one must first bring the old one into the workshop where they will be given specs based on the type, size, and other unique characteristics. The labour costs dependent on the intricacy of the glass replacement will be included in the final price.

Can The Sunroof Be Replaced With A Regular Roof?

The sunroof can be replaced with a conventional roof, but this requires quality equipment and metallurgical expertise. The rooftop where the sunroof originally stood must be covered with a sealed top panel that is constructed and welded. Apply the proper headliners after that and continue driving the non-sunroof vehicle. The finished product must be flawless and impossible to tell apart from a sunroof automobile.

Is a Car Sunroof Good or Bad?

Everyone has a different opinion about whether a car’s sunroof is a good or bad feature. People who have trouble maintaining the sunroof are likely to leave a bad review. Others could appreciate their panoramic glass’s stunning vistas, but ease of maintenance would provide for a better experience. One should make their own decisions because it is fully up to them.

A sunroof can be installed in a car, but is it safe?

Yes, however, there are situations when it can compromise the vehicle’s structural integrity. The car’s roof, which gives the structure rigidity, is an essential component of the vehicle. A glass sunroof that was added aftermarket can weaken the frame and call for further bracing.


A well-qualified auto glass mechanic can simply install a sunroof, which is a great addition to any old automobile. The advantages of a sunroof can completely change the inside of a car and give it a new atmosphere. To increase the experience and provide plenty of openness, one can utilise their old automobile as a camper or embark on a road trip with the sunroof. By raising the selling price and lowering the upfront expenditures, they also provide a large amount of value. Although automobile sunroof maintenance may initially appear intimidating, using the aforementioned advice will help make the whole process more manageable.

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