12 Tips to Increase Your Car Security

While the technology in our cars is constantly changing, the thieves who target them are also improving their skills.  However, you can take steps to increase your car security & lessen your chances of becoming a victim. Criminals have upped their game, developing sophisticated techniques aimed at bypassing vehicle anti-theft devices.

1. You shouldn’t just rely on your key fob

Car Security

It should go without saying that you should always lock your car before you leave, but you should still confirm that it is locked.

When the doors are secured, some vehicles may use an audible or visual indicator. While others will have ‘pins’ on the inside of the glass that will descend.

Don’t rely on your key fob since some criminals employ ‘jammers’ to interrupt the signal between the fob and the car. Which leaves the car unsecured and open to theft. Be on the lookout for these signal jammers because they might be in a criminal’s pocket or hidden in some bushes outside a parking lot.

The only surefire method to keep your car security up to the top is to check every door. Including the trunk, which may seem like a pain.

2. Prevent falling prey to a “relay attack”

According to the most recent statistics provided by vehicle monitoring experts Tracker. 96% of drivers face the possibility of having a “relay attack” used to steal their vehicle.

This technique, which includes two criminals cooperating and employing electrical signal relay devices. Is being used by an increasing number of automobile thefts. One burglar uses a gadget to transmit the key signal from inside the house to a second box that is set up next to the automobile. In essence, this deceives the automobile into ‘believing’ the key is present. Which enables the criminals to open the car and drive off.

The signal can flow through walls, doors, and windows, but it cannot pass through metal, therefore putting your car keys in a signal-blocking wallet or safe will prevent a “relay attack” on your vehicle.

3. Select the ideal parking location

Try to select a spot that is well-lit and visible to the public rather than simply parking in the first available space. If you must use a parking lot, look for one that has security guards on duty, is monitored by CCTV, or has Park Mark approval for better car security.

You should park near other customers rather than far from other automobiles while you’re at the shops or in a crowded town centre parking lot. If thieves think they could be disturbed, they will be less inclined to target your car.

4. Avoid putting anything on the show

Take your stuff with you when you park to prevent auto vandalism. Simply leaving loose change on the dashboard or leaving your coats or bags out in the open could be enough to tempt someone to break in and leave you with a broken window repair bill.

It would be better to unlock or remove any load covers or parcel shelves from the trunk so that potential auto thieves can see there is nothing there to take.

5. Get your stereo and sat-nav out

Take this with you if the front panel of your car audio prevents it from operating when it is removed. If it has a flap or cover, don’t forget to close it to hide your stereo.

Also, bring your satellite navigation system, but don’t forget to take the holder off and clear any obvious suction marks off the windscreen.

6. Add a tracking device, immobilizer, or auto alarm

Although the majority of modern cars come with an immobilizer already installed, you can lower your insurance costs and the risk of car theft by installing a Thatcham-approved car alarm. If your vehicle has no security, installing an immobilizer should be your top priority.

Car Security

Although installing a tracking device won’t stop a car from being stolen, it will improve the chances of the police finding and recovering it. These gadgets aren’t only for expensive cars; according to data from Tracker, three of every four stolen and recovered vehicles were under £20,000 in value. In actuality, 27% of the automobiles Tracker recovered in 2016 had a value of under $5,000.

7. Be seen to be secure

Including a visual deterrent on your automobile can help you prevent auto theft and frequently convince a burglar to search for a simpler target. Use a reliable lock on the gearstick, pedals, and steering wheel, and have the windows imprinted with the license plate of your vehicle. Despite being outdated, these deterrents are resurfacing in the digital age.  Many thieves are opportunistic, and they might pass on a car they perceive to be too much hassle.

8. Take good care of your keys

As cars have become more secure, stealing car keys has become a top priority for car thieves. Never leave your keys unattended in public; when you’re at home, make sure your keys are both out of sight and out of reach. Some criminals have been known to use wire to remove keys through a letterbox, so avoid keeping them on the porch or hallway.

Never take the keys upstairs or hide them in the bedroom. If a thief is determined to gain access to a vehicle, it is better to let them take it than to put you or your family at risk.

9. Leave your paperwork at home

Keep your logbook and servicing records out of the automobile. Although it might seem like a logical location for them, if you are the victim of auto theft, the documents will make it simpler for the vehicle to be sold, and you risk falling victim to identity fraud.

Similarly, never leave mail, bank statements, or identity documents in your car. You run the danger of identity theft once more as a result.

10. Keep your wheels in place

Because alloy wheels can make your car a target for thieves, lockable wheel nuts should be used to secure your alloy wheels.

These are inexpensive to purchase, simple to install, and challenging to take out without the right key. It’s possible to purchase a locking wheel nut remover over the internet, but a lock will deter opportunist thieves.

11. Stay safe in traffic

Car security is just as important when you’re in the car as it is when you’re parked. If you’re in slow-moving traffic or stuck in a jam. Its better to close your windows, lock your doors, and keep valuables out of sight.

12. Don’t leave your car running

It might be tempting to leave the car running, especially if you’re warming the cabin on a frosty morning. But you run the risk of having the car stolen, not to mention getting a fine too.

Take care when de-icing the car, as an opportunistic thief could steal the vehicle in a couple of seconds. The same is true whether stopping by a store, dropping off kids at school, or meeting someone at the train station. Lock the doors and turn the engine off.

This is all for today, we hope our car security tips keep you & your car safe!

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