Dec 16

Speed Limiter Removal

Most vehicles are speed limited at either 120mph or 155mph and whilst this is not a problem for vehicles on UK roads where the upper limit is 70mph, you may decide you want to take your vehicle over to somewhere … Continue reading

Dec 16

EGR Delete / Removal Services

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve is a very common failing part and the most common type of failure is the mechanical flap getting seized due to becoming blocked up with soot, carbon and also oil from leaky turbochargers. When … Continue reading

Dec 16

Diesel Economy Remapping

Suitable for all diesel engines (turbo & non-turbo), our Diesel Economy Remapping service will improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and simultaneously improve the output of the engine. This particular remap is very popular amongst taxi and courier drivers. Most of … Continue reading

Dec 16

Diesel Performance Remapping

We have remapped over 100,000 ECU’s over the years and each of our customers have been completely blown away by the phenominal improvements gained from a professionally tuned ECU. The most significant gains are those from a turbo diesel engine … Continue reading

Dec 16

Petrol Performance Remapping

Each of our petrol performance ECU remaps are completely bespoke and tailored to our customers individual requirements. Whether you’re looking to remap your vehicle for a track day, fast road or even simply just more pulling power – We have … Continue reading

Dec 09

Volkswagen (VW) Golf MK4 2.8 V6 204hp (Bosch: 0261 206 619 – OEM: 022 906 032 E) ECU Repaired

A local customer dropped in with an ECU from a Volkswagen Golf MK4 2.8 V6 he was having problems with. The customer had sent the ECU away to be remapped and after receiving it back the vehicle would no longer … Continue reading

Nov 26

Volkswagen (VW) Passat 1.4TSI (Bosch: 0261 201 928 – OEM: 03C 906 022 G) ECU Repaired

Our customer from Sri Lanka sent this ECU in to us from a 2009 VW Passat 1.4TSi and has advised us that the Engine light is on permanently on the dash and the vehicle is running rough on idle with … Continue reading